Season X: The Surprise Season

      We have a surprise for you: WE’RE BACK!!! This is our tenth summer of adventures, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. This year we’re focusing on what makes us special: The City. In our first week ever we visited five boroughs in five days, and we realized the most amazing thing about our program is our ability to open your eyes to new places you’ve never been, as well as embracing old experiences with a new lens. This summer, we’ll bring you a mix of both. Welcome to Jr. Explorers Club: Season X.

Please register each child separately. Upon registration, Jr. Explorers Club will send you an invoice.

We accept Venmo, Apple Pay, or a personal check. $600 / week. 

If you have any questions, drop us an email at


July 1-5:


Four years of spy training with Grandpas Bob and George have prepared us to explore the history and architecture of New York City carefully and with stealth. By examining artifacts - and creating our own - we’ll discover the unknown and uncover secrets about the very well known (or at least what we thought we knew)…


July 8-12:

NYC Change Makers


New York has so much to offer: entertainment, culture, food, and opportunity. But what can we offer in return? We’ll explore ways people of all ages are making a difference in the ever-evolving city.


July 15-19:

NYC Playtime

This is around the time when the summer really starts heating up. We’ll find all the best places to beat the heat by staying cool. Come make a splash with us!


August 19-23:

The Future of NYC

We’ll end our summer by looking forward. What does the future of New York City look like? Explore the depths of your imagination while we travel across the boroughs, and across time!