Join us in 2017 for an amazing summer exploring Everything that is Awesome in New York!  You will come home inspired, happy, and buzzing about your adventures.

June 21-23 (3-day mini-week) Magic Week


Do you believe in Magic? We definitely do. We encounter it all the time. In this mini-week, we may meet some literal magicians, practicing illusions and sleight-of-hand tricks. One thing is for certain: your eyes will be opened to the mystifying and fantastical sights and stories that show up when you really look with all your eyes.

June 26 - 30 Kid Biz Week


What’s your big idea? Is it a product that will make life easier? Is it a service you can provide to your community? Think big this week, and learn from successful entrepreneurs with real life experience. We’ll visit businesses, follow our imaginations, and put our creative concepts into action. You may even be inspired to start your own business and run with it.

July 5-7 (3-day mini-week) Creators and Curators Week


New York City is home to some of the best museums in the world. We will visit some of our favorites, and design our own Mini Museum to share with each other and visitors. The Jr. Explorers will become Creators of their own art, and Curators of their own exhibits.

August 14 - 18 Spy Week

The classic Jr. Explorers Club week! 


Every summer, the Jr. Explorers Club is recruited to help solve a mystery. Grandpa Bob, our resident spymaster, provides daily intel to help us track down clues. Each piece of information will lead us to an intriguing new location. We’ll spend time exploring, while picking up on anything that seems relevant, or suspicious...

August 21 - 25 Character Week


What makes a great New York story? Of course, every great story needs a memorable character. Our city certainly has no shortage of great stories and characters. This week we will explore some of the many great characters you can find all over the five boroughs... and create some of our very own! 

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