Educational Consulting

Jr. Explorers Club provides Educational Consulting in STEAM, Maker Ed, and Social Emotional Learning. If you are looking for insights on how kids play, think, and connect, we host focus groups and provide a thoughtful recruitment process.

Maker Education - Maker Spaces - Curriculum - PD

Maker spaces come in all forms, and the most successful spaces and programs meet the needs of their communities, foster the creation of meaningful projects, and grow organically over time. We can assist at any stage of your Maker Education process. Vision planning, budgeting, space design, tools, materials, and vendor recommendations, curriculum planning, and professional development. 

    Social Emotional Learning

    One of the biggest challenges as an educator is creating and maintaining a positive learning environment where all children feel a sense of significance, belonging, and fun. We help teachers develop their teaching practices to support students in developing their own self-control and independence as learners. We take inspiration from the Responsive Classroom (Elementary) and Developmental Designs (Middle School) techniques including Morning Meeting, Democratic Rule Setting, Teacher Language, Positive Discipline, and Engaging Instructional Techniques. 

    Robotics - Curriculum - Program Planning - PD

    We provide training for teachers to integrate robotics into all aspects of a school’s curriculum using the robotics platform that suits the developmental and academic needs of your students. We also provide support with designing robotics after school, enrichment, and competitive programs. Students’ use of educational robotics improves their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic) skills as well as strengthening soft skills including teamwork, communication, risk taking, and problem-solving.