Here's what some of our families have to say about their child's experience with Jr. Explorers Club.

"I am genuinely jealous of my child because the variety is fascinating."

"Every day is something different and a new thing to look forward to."

"Wonderful camp counselors, nice campers, and a great combination of outside time and inspiring inside time."

"The warmth of staff, creativity in programming and the way in which you honor the true curious and playful nature of children."

"Our kid loves it!"

"Love that the kids go places we normally wouldn't go. You find some gems!"

"We love the independence the kids get taking the subway all over the city and visiting different places in the city."

"I love that my kids come home happy and exhausted. They see parts of this city I didn't even know about."


"Makes getting out the door in the morning a delight! Thank you."

"We love that you take the kids to interesting locations, hidden gems and places that we say we'd like to visit but never get around to it. Also that you combine fun with learning in such a seamless way."

"The independence that it fosters in my child. I also love that he is so familiar and comfortable with NYC."